Friday, November 12, 2010

Millennium Integration module for Drupal 2.0 screenshots

Here are some screenshots from the 2.0 version of the Drupal Millennium Integration module in action.

These records were imported from a live library catalog. This example is using the Fusion theme.
Teasers for nodes with imported records.
A full node view. The Table of Contents section below is provided by the optional (included) Millennium Enrichment module which brings in data from the Library of Congress at import time. All the information would be in Drupal's full text index and thus is searchable.
This node shows an embedded Google Book Search reader. It only shows when the item actually has a preview or full view in Google Book Search.
This is a wall of books from the included Views integration. This example uses the Garland theme.

You can easily do manual or automatic batch imports in a variety of ways; this screenshot shows an example.

Here are some of the configuration/settings screens.
General settings and sources. The module can handle several OPACs simultaneously.

Read more over at the Millennium Integration module project page.