Friday, November 28, 2008

Best commercial for a TV yet


Tasha Saecker on Social Libraries

This Webinar sounds interesting; it´s part of the "Library Open Source Webinars" from WiLS. It will be held next tuesday (december 2nd) from 2:00-3:00 pm Central Time.

Getting Social with Tasha Saecker

Get you and your library hooked up with the latest in social networking software online. Learn how to use Twitter, Delicious and FriendFeed both personally and professionally to create your own personal brand online.

Tasha Saecker is the director of the Menasha Public Library, Wisconsin Library of the Year for 2008. She has been blogging for over five years at both: Sites & Soundbytes and Kids Lit.

In 2007, the Menasha Public Library won a Webby Award in Wisconsin for its Drupal-based website. Part of their site links to their extensive collection of websites on Delicious. The library will soon be contributing to Twitter too. You can follow Tasha on Twitter as TashRow.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Building a Thematic Library with Drupal presentation

Here is a link to a presentation we did on how we built a special site for library health resources--an OPAC built on Drupal, Solr, the Millennium integration module and Google Custom Search Engine.

You can visit the working site here:

This was part of the University of Maryland/Tecnológico de Monterrey sister libraries conference, "Working Together".

Drupal 6 version of Millennium Module available for testing

I just created and released a new version (2.0-dev) of the Millennium Integration module for Drupal. The earlier version worked with Drupal 5 and required the Biblio module. This new version is for Drupal 6, and removes the requirement for the Biblio module.

The module currently outputs bibliographic in a themeable table (meaning that with a little PHP, you can completely change the layout). For the final 2.0 version I plan to include other import and/or presentation options, like putting the fields into CCK or import into the Biblio module (when that module is available).

I still insist trying to integrate with Biblio because it already does a lot of cool things like provide a bibliographic citation (APA) view, provide CoINs (embedded machine-readable metadata in pages), export to bibliographic management software and more. For now, releasing this version will (I hope) kickstart a new round of testing by libraries who want to try out options to make their catalog better.

To get more information, download and installation instructions, go to the project page: