Friday, November 14, 2008

Drupal 6 version of Millennium Module available for testing

I just created and released a new version (2.0-dev) of the Millennium Integration module for Drupal. The earlier version worked with Drupal 5 and required the Biblio module. This new version is for Drupal 6, and removes the requirement for the Biblio module.

The module currently outputs bibliographic in a themeable table (meaning that with a little PHP, you can completely change the layout). For the final 2.0 version I plan to include other import and/or presentation options, like putting the fields into CCK or import into the Biblio module (when that module is available).

I still insist trying to integrate with Biblio because it already does a lot of cool things like provide a bibliographic citation (APA) view, provide CoINs (embedded machine-readable metadata in pages), export to bibliographic management software and more. For now, releasing this version will (I hope) kickstart a new round of testing by libraries who want to try out options to make their catalog better.

To get more information, download and installation instructions, go to the project page:

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