Friday, June 27, 2008

Major ILS vendors not really interested in interoperating

From DLTJ:

...the authors interviewed the four major vendors of integrated library systems in higher education in the U.K.: Ex Libris, Innovative Interfaces, SirsiDynix and Talis. Among the “who are you” and “what do you do” questions were two that get to the heart of what many of us are clamoring for from our vendors:

* How do your products interoperate with products those from other LMS/ERM vendors?
* Do you have partnerships with other LMS/ERM vendors?

For example, one question asked Innovative:

Does Innovative have partnerships with other LMS/ERM vendors?

No. Our aim is to provide best of breed across the whole range of library needs. Of course we don’t stand in the way of libraries that wish for example to add Aquabrowser or Endeca. However we want to provide solutions that are better. To date, we haven’t seen a big groundswell for these types of products…for all of the press and interest it has gotten, products like Endeca haven’t made a major dent in the marketplace.

Here's a link to the study:

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