Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drupal Millennium Module 1.4 released

This release mainly fixes some MARC import problems and adds a few new features.

You can try out our live implementation in PASTEUR, our thematic library oriented towards our Health, Chemistry and Biotechnology faculty and students. This site is also running Apache Solr for faceted search, a custom (not yet released) Millennium Authentication module and others.

From the project release page:

  • Fixed [#263310]
  • Fixes for [#253593]
  • Holdings ajax call now locale-aware
  • Fixed ids for coverimages; were incorrect if ISSN or ISBN inculded a dash.
  • Added missing "real names" for MARC language codes (e.g.: eng => English)
  • Cleanup of CSS file
New features:
  • Added more placeholders for book jacket image call (title, author)
  • Tries to get Call number from first item if not available in MARC bibliographic record
  • Adds all biblio information to Drupal's fulltext index.
  • [#260858] Added .pot file for translators
  • Dropped auto URL alias generation; should be handled by pathauto.module + biblio.module (see [#89038])

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