Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New OAI-PMH harvesting application: OAIConnect

Some months ago, I was hired to work on a web application that would grab metadata records from different document repositories (mainly in universities) and join them into a central catalog. This application should:
  • work with OAI-PMH repositories such as DSpace
  • provide faceted search of the harvested items
  • use open source products
  • be itself released as an open source product
The application was to be installed, and used by actual people in a project to harvest educational materials for a research project. That site is available at

Last week I released the code to the public as OAIConnect. The application can be installed by anyone who can meet some basic requirements (Apache, MySQL and PHP). The application is built on top of Drupal and a host of freely available modules (plus some custom glue), so you can basically extend, restyle and reconfigure it to your liking.


Starting page:

Sample record:


julian said...

I think this is a great project. I just finished installing oaiconnect but there was no admin registration fields. After entering the database info, the 'database info screen shows up' - 22sep2011-v6 (11/15/2011 - 09:43, 7.72 MB)
but no account for amin can be created. Any suggestions?

Jano said...

Julian: the admin user is already created; as shown in the home page you can edit it going to [yoursite]/user/1 and choosing "edit". If you have any problems be sure to ask here or in the project's issue queue.